1. Illustration work.

  2. Domestic miscellany. 

  3. Comic sans the humor.

  4. Residue. 

  5. Last Sunday was my group exhibit called Urban Anyway at Craft Coffee Revolution (Katipunan) and it was such an intimate and fun night which I shared with my dearest friends and family and amazing people who came out to support the show. Our pieces will be up for a month so do drop by and give it a glow!

  6. I am having a group show and would love for you all to come through! 

    Urban Anway:  A collection of artworks depicting musings around the city; the chagrin felt in transit, cityfolk and strangers, and doses of urban ennui. 

  7. Unemployed and super fresh, this one. I’ve just completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology! 

  8. Rough sketches for a 3D installation pitch. 

  9. Plant life. 

  10. Not Trisha.